The Carnal Escapades of Good Girls-ebook

Fairy tales for grown ups

Prima donnas need constant pampering. Divas demand attention. But a Good Girl is that one your mother warned you about. She's that girl that makes your head turn when she walks by or her smile totally disarms you. As you enter the pages of these thirteen erotic shorts you may feel like you know the Girls personally. On the other hand you might be one of the Girls yourself.

Stacy was in a slump until Charlie shook her to the core. She had no way of knowing she did it for him too, until he took matters into his own hands. Janine had always been the good wife. But the night of the big housewarming party she took her role as hostess very seriously. She definitely couldn't blame it on the alcohol. After moving to France to escape a crazy ex, Chris learned you don't have to speak the same language to get hot and heavy with some gorgeous creature. Paolo had no idea what he was walking into when the beautiful American stranger invited him over for lunch. He thought he would have her for dessert. She had other ideas.

Being with these Girls brings new meaning to safe sex.

The reviews are in and the fans just love the Girls!

The only thing I can say is wow...I just read the first story and it was amazing. The detailed story was so could imagine yourself in the story...I'm impressed!
Letechia Y., NC

This definitely sizzles! It's a page turner you won't want to put down. The Carnal Escapades of Good Girls is full of those things that make you go hmmm... and gets that imagination flowing. Every page is a new adventure.
Mary M., NC

If you're expecting a run of the mill romance novel, think again. The Carnal Escapades of Good Girls has an unexpected edginess. These are the the kind of good girls I'd like to meet. Does anyone have their numbers?
Joe C., OK

You want hot and heavy well here it is. The Carnal Escapades of Good Girls by Lisa Marie is so hot it should come with a warning sticker. A cold shower might be needed after reading! Each story is a glimpse into the life of a naughty girl or a good girl turned naughty. Good for turning up the heat on a cold night or spicing up things with your mate!
Kanika H., Washington, DC

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